Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Lilac creation by dupetit® and students (prototype):

Lilac by dupetit & students created 7/2012
Real natural and botanical perfumery with INCI: Perfume (100% natural and vegan)

First creative session for a Lilac by dupetit composition done this last weekend at our course in Richelbach (Germany) with the students:
Jasmin (12)
Tuberose (4) 
Acacia (2)
Tonka (0,25)
Cinnamom (0,3)
Carnation (0,5)
build the ground Accord,
then traces of
Wintergreen (0,25)
little Narcisse 
enough Iris 
at the end, we have introduced Citrus aldehydes with
Bergamotte (8)
Neroli (4)
and fixed all with
Guayakwood Concrete (2)
Styrax (2)
Benzoe Abs. (24)
The result is a very sweet wild flower accord with Jasmin-Indolic nuances as a very sweet after note (through Acacia, Cinnamom, Tonka and Nelke). Jasmin, Tuberose, Acacia and Narzisse are well fixed and fixing with Benzoe and Guayak. As you see: no Rose, no Santal...
This recipe must be reworked and finished out till is ready for the world.

All these ingredients are included in our BioScent Organ Nr. 1 (containing 40 most important 100% botanical scents of real natural perfumery, animal free) used in my first course for real natural perfumery creation.

Our courses include several BioScent Perfumery Organs for several levels of natural perfumery and ingredients. See the details, still only in German language under: http://www.bioscent.info/deutsch_naturparfuem_kurs_anmeldung.html

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